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For most, the BustaDice website might seem somewhat limited with the information they offer, but that is simply because they provide only a few options for Bitcoin gambling, including the popular provably fair dice game. For many, this is a preferred cryptocurrency gaming method as it introduces a straightforward and simplistic experience that offers only the games and features you need to boost profits. The site is easy to use, loads fast and provides the necessary information with FAQs and support that helps you make the most of each bet you place. The casino has been verified by the crypto gambling foundation, allowing you to gamble while knowing they operate under strict rules and regulations. Without limiting the services too much, BustaDice still impresses with multiple features, including instant deposits and withdrawals as well as the chat feature that allows everyone to chat in a single room while playing the game.


The BustaDice homepage gives you all the information about everything from their incredibly low commission fees of just 0.25% through to their higher level of privacy that's implemented by a coin selection algorithm. This security system ensures each deposit and withdrawal is 100% secure and private while it also protects your sensitive information and keeps your account completely secure. To protect your funds, even more, the BustaDice casino team uses a multi-signature cold storage system. This requires at least 2 of the 3 to approve transactions within the casino, which ensures your funds are always 100% secure, irrespective of what happens to BustaDice. This doesn't apply any limitations or waiting periods to your withdrawals but rather ensures that players with large investments can rest easy while knowing their funds are safe.


Since the casino doesn't operate under any specific regions, it allows them to accept players from just about anywhere in the world. They have also ensured that the registration process takes only a few seconds as players just need to fill in the basic information and link their cryptocurrency accounts. To ensure all players have the opportunity to enjoy advanced provable fairness, they offer a bankroll of around 5,000 BTC and an incredibly low house edge of just 1%.

Bonuses & Promotions

BustaDice doesn't provide any deposit bonuses or special reward programs as this would mean wagering requirements and other terms and conditions need to form part of your account. Instead, they simply focus on delivering a fairy gaming opportunity that allows players to enjoy the game and make instant withdrawals without meeting all types of special terms and conditions.

Deposits and Withdrawals

BustaDice only provides Bitcoin gaming, which means no other currencies can be used to fund the account. This is why all your deposits and withdrawals are so fast and help the casino manages to keep the transaction fees to a minimum. Unlike many other sites, each of your deposits and withdrawals are just about instant and don't require any waiting periods that could have a delay to your gaming desires and withdrawals.

BustaDice Gaming

Even though only provably fair dice games are available at BustaDice, they still manage to impress with a large variety of gaming features, including the innovative chat feature that allows everyone to communicate among each other while playing the game. It also includes a skip a bet feature that makes it possible to skip a few rounds when you have one of those long losing streaks. It is also a great feature to use when you join the game as it lets you see how the game is currently reacting and how it all works. Before you join, you can see a simply find a variation of the game and how it works, making it a lot less complicated when you play the dice game for the first time for real money.


The support team is available in multiple ways, including the messaging board in the game. Simply look for the casino contact and communicate with the team directly to have any of your questions answered instantly. Alternatively, visit the support or contact us page to send the casino an instant message via their ticketing system or email addresses. They also offer direct links to their social media pages, allowing you to keep up with the latest news and benefits of the casino.


BustaDice Casino is certainly one of the most simplistic and easy to use cryptocurrency gambling sites as it offers none of the regular casino features, but rather focuses on the most in-demand Bitcoin game. It is really easy to become a member and have trust in everything the site does as they have selected a very open and straightforward view towards their services. Therefore, no heed and terms and conditions or special requirements form part of your games or banking desires.


Only 1% house edge

Investment option

Easy to use website

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