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Summary is a Crypto Gambling Foundation verified operator, launched on the1st of July 2014, to provide online players with a fun and exciting gaming experience. What appeals to thousands of players is the fact that bustabit is a multiplayer game consisting of an ever-increasing curve that could crash at any time. The game offers enthralling play, accepts only bitcoin wagers and could make players profits worth millions. The Bustabit website is fully optimised to run flawlessly on all iOS and Android mobile devices and can be added to your mobile screen via the tutorial.


At Bustabit the house edge is 1%, and all games are provably fair, while members also have access to third-party game verification via the “handy tool” available online. The casino also utilises a sophisticated coin selection algorithm to ensure all payment is processed and completely private. All terms and conditions on the Bustabit website are constructed and governed in accordance with the Courts and Laws of Belize.


By selecting the “play now” option you can register a new Bustabit account in seconds, the password is already selected, and you need to complete the username and provide your email address. All information is protected via reCAPTCHA, while you need to be eighteen years of age or older and reside in a jurisdiction in which online gambling is legal. Players residing in the United States, United Kingdom, Curacao, the Netherlands or the United States Territories are prohibited from registering at the Bustabit.

Bonuses & Promotions

Bustabit offers no welcome bonus at the moment although members can earn rain during live chats. Members can send free bits to each other via the tip system, once you wish to tip another player you first need to complete the tip section, which requires the player’s username as well as the amount, and tips cannot be reversed.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Bitcoin is the only currency accepted at Bustabit, and members can transfer bitcoins to the deposit address displayed on the account page. The website recommends a few bitcoin options to players who are not familiar with bitcoin, while withdraws can also be made directly to the bitcoin address displayed on your deposit page. Deposits take around 10 minutes to clear, and senders need to remember to include the transaction fee.

Bustabit Gaming

The Bustabit bankroll is the pool of money used by the house to pay winnings to members wagering on the multiplier. The maximum profit from a single round is determined by the bankroll size, the higher the bankroll, the more players stand to win. In a round player can win up to a maximum of 0.75% of the bankroll and in each round, the winnings can total up to 1.125% of the bankroll. The betting options include that players can become bankrollers by betting on the house or they can add to the bankroll directly, in which case they win when the house wins, and should the house lose so do they.


Support is easiest to gain via the live chat option, where lots of players discuss their latest bets, wins and losses. The other alternative is the online FAQ, which offers answers to all the generally asked question regarding basic play, how it all works, withdrawals as well as deposits, tipping, bankroll and other questions, players might have. Should you still not find the answers you were hoping in either the live chat or FAQ system, you could submit a message via the online form, and support will email you back with the answers or solutions to any problem you might have


Bustabit is a Bitcoin focussed online gaming hub providing players with the option of enjoying huge profits in a safe, secure and provably fair environment. The highlight of the site is its social aspect with hundreds of players sharing tips, welcoming new members and cheering each other on. The tipping system enables players to tip each other, and with everyone wagering on the same game, results anticipation reaches all-time highs just before results are displayed. The gaming statistics reveal just how popular Bustabit is and at the time of writing the users total reached 238,735, bets 564,001,576 and the bankroll reach B1,433,178,450702900.
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