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Launch Date

October 1, 2015

Registration Requirements

No registration required to deposit and withdraw!


Plinko, roulette, dice, slots, bitspin

Coins Accepted


Provably Fair

Bitvest is a provably fair casino

Lowest House Edge



Summary welcomes the investor and player, and in the highly competitive world of online casino entertainment, it focuses on enjoyable gaming and simplicity. The concept is quite unique, as a player, you get to wager and enjoy gaming, while investors collect profits in exchange for paying out all winnings. Established in 2014, Bidvest does not disclose any company information and no licensing details could be found.


Even with the absence of any licensing information, there are not any known complaints against All gaming results are provably fair, and to ensure a high level of security, Bitvest utilises three wallets to store reserves. These include a hot wallet holding up to 2% of the reserves, a Zodiac held Trezor wallet, as well as a Trezor held wallet by Lightlord.


Just by selecting the account option you receive an instant account that also automatically assign you with a username, although you do have the options to select a different username at the time of entering your password. A secret URL is provided at the same time, and new members can switch accounts or convert their instant account to a full account. Unless you convert your account to a full account, you will not be able to log back into your temporary account once you log off.

Bonuses & Promotions

Bitvest Casino offers a unique experience where the faucet is the main reason for players to return since it offers now players the opportunity to play for free. What makes chatting on the site even more exciting and worth your while is the RainBot, and via lots of daily quests, players are encouraged to test our new games or simply enjoy their favourites more often. Depending on Bidvest members rank and luck they could qualify to claim a bonus of up to 17,500,00 tokens. Additional bonus funds can also be earned by being the first to read the latest blog entries. Your Bidvest rank depends on the amount you wager, each LTC and ETH bet counts 0.015 and 0.075 BTC, respectively. Your level determines the amount of rain you receive, for example, a player on level one qualifies for 0.0100BTC while a member on level 27 is eligible for 5,000 BTC.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Bitvest is a cryptocurrency exclusive online casino accepting Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin. In order to support Bitvest, a percentage-based fee is taken from every wager, leaving on average a reminder of 1.15% of Plinko, 1.155% Bit Spin, 0.70% Dice and 1.833% of roulette wagers paid to investors. Due to this the result in an average profit share enjoyed by the investors is 67% and the house 33%.

Bitvest Gaming

Bitvest offers four different online casino gaming types including slots, roulette, dice and plinko. Members can find out more regarding the different games via video tutorials or the information offered in the “how to play” sections.


At Bitvest even support is offered on a whole new level, any member can become part of the Bidvest family by being friendly, constructive and helpful on the live chat option. Chat assistance levels include administrators, explained as site owners, chief moderators are the head of the moderation family, while super moderators are the veterans, high moderators are highly trusted, and moderators are players who are very helpful. The quickest way to get an instant answer is by asking questions in chat since all the moderators are keen to share their knowledge with others. Should your query or issue be of an admin nature you’re could contact support via email or send a PM in chat, in which case a moderator will instantly alert an admin.


Bitvest is a cryptocurrency exclusive online casino that takes the “for the players by the players” idea to a whole new level. Complete transparency is offered regarding the percentage of bets deducted, the percentage earned by the investor and the house. Unfortunately, we could find no proof that the casino is licensed, although the concept of providing players with titles and getting experienced players to assist new players could work pretty well and ensure that assistance is always available. What makes the concept unique is that members can decide to be either a player or investor in order to enjoy great profits.


Low house edge

Provably fair

Free bitcoin faucet

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