Malta gaming authority

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is an online casinos regulator that is on the market from 2001. It has been implementing its responsibilities properly and setting higher requirements for casinos applying for its license.

What does the MGA do?

The MGA runs under a Code of Ethics which is very strict. Primarily, this is because all actions and decisions are focused on the best interests of various stakeholders as offered by internal policies and law. It is the role of the Malta Gaming Authority to make impartial and fair decisions that are free from self-interest and favoritism while carrying out all communications and operations in a way that is truthful and honest.

The Malta Gaming Authority commits to making sure that the sector for online gambling makes a positive contribution to the county’s development. In essence, this entails overseeing all licensees, carrying our research on various areas of gambling, collecting taxes for gaming on the Maltese government’s behalf, as well as offering support for worthy causes.

All of the licensees have to nominate an official who has the role of liaising with the company issued with a Maltese license as well as the Malta Gaming Authority. This official is also required to be a director of the licensee organisation and be a resident of Malta. Additionally, they must keep up with every operation carried out by the licensee. The official also makes sure that all activities are monitored, and all laws and regulations put in place by the MGA are followed.

The Protections it offers Players

The MGA aims to make sure that all online operators are operating fairly, legally, responsibly, and with player safety in mind. The summary of the mission statement of the MGA is to competently regulate the numerous gaming industry sectors under the Authority by making sure games are transparent and fair to the players which in turn averts corruption, crime, money laundering as well as safeguarding vulnerable players and minors.

The MGA offers protection to players in a variety of ways. Some of these ways include:

  • Protect vulnerable individuals and minors
  • Safeguards players rights
  • Ensure the integrity of gaming devices and games
  • Ensure responsible gaming in an environment which is secure
  • Ensure games are kept free from criminal activities

The MGA has a host of procedures and steps already put in place to ensure the safety of player funds. These can consist of a licensee making a bank guarantee being made available to the Malta Gaming Authority to guard against financial mismanagement.

Verifying a Casino License Issued by the MGA

If an online casino has an MGA license, you will have the ability to locate the information beneath the home page of the casino, or one of the other website pages such as the About Us or FAQ section. Find the MGA icon in the midst of other symbols for software and licensing and click on it to check out the casino’s certification details. This link will take you to the correct page on the MGA website and validate the license providing other information like operating status and business address etc.

How does it rate (0.5-10) compared with other authorities?

We give the MGA a 9/10

Due to the authorities online reputation and status we believe it is very safe to use any casino which is licenced by the MGA. They do a lot to enforce player safety standards with their licensees and this, in turn, makes them an attractive proposition for online casinos.

Can a casino with this license be trusted?

Malta has grown to be a leader in online gambling regulation. As a country that was at the industry’s forefront since the start, the MGA has been proactive in the industry to shape the regulatory environment for the industry.

Malta became the pioneer member of the EU in developing comprehensive legislation as regards to online gambling. Now, the country is considered one of the most renowned gambling jurisdictions in the world. The Malta Gaming Authority works hand in hand with the Maltese authority government to ensure a safe environment exists for both vendors and players. Aside from all the protection measure the MGA offers, they also provide one of the most competitive rates worldwide, making it a very appealing jurisdiction for new gaming operators. Players can rest assured playing at an online casino licensed by a renowned gambling jurisdiction like Malta.

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