The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) is a reputable organization. There are lots of casinos registered by this regulator, despite the fact Gibraltar has high requirements for the applicants that wish to get its license. The casino should demonstrate financial fairness and viability. Moreover, only respectable casinos are able to be liсensed.

An issue related to the controlling work of GRA took place in the recent past, the problem was concerned about unfair work of a casino that had GRA licenses. As for solving the problem it took months from the regulator to cope with this situation. Though it was the first controversial case regarding GRA since its foundation, it affected the reputation of the jurisdiction in a negative light.

Summing up, the casinos with the license of Gibraltar Regulatory Authority can be considered as trustworthy, though an organization has an issues with proper approach to solving disputes between undercontrolled casinos and players. Consequently, you surely can choose the casinos with the license if Gibraltar Regulatory Authority to play, but it’s better to be careful and read an additional information about the particular company.

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