Curacao EGaming

Curacao EGaming is a regulator that has been licensing online casinos since 1996. Based in the Dutch Antilles, they are one of the oldest gambling jurisdictions, established in 1996 and an online gambling regulator since 2002. In 2002 the regulation of online gaming was decentralized from the old Curacao Gaming Control.

Many of the world’s most famous operators have their business of operations centered in Curacao.

What is Curacao EGaming?

Curacao is a Caribbean island famed for its incredible coral and colourful marine life as well as its much desired tropical beaches. What many may not know is that it is also one of the leading jurisdictions in the world for attaining an online casino gambling license.

Curacao e-Gaming is a body with the responsibility of monitoring the conduct and operations of all its casino licensees. It has a robust track record of delivering the services and infrastructure required to aid the online gambling industry while making sure the e-Gaming industry’s future stays protected and confident.

By having a Master license provided to them by the Curacao Government, Curacao e-Gaming can give a license type which is very elaborate. This license includes coverage for every kind of online gambling which consists of exchanges, sports betting, and online casinos et al.

It also offers gambling operators a complete service package which covers consulting and licensing as well as compliance supervision. There are also extra services like payment processing, back office support, banking assistance, and DNS hosting.

Protection Curacao EGaming offers Players

The goal of Curacao e-Gaming is to make sure all service providers and gambling operators who have been licensed by Curacao are working alongside hard and fast rules and regulations. This aids in keeping Curacao’s integrity as a leader in its field while ensuring players who use a Curacao certified casino are safe and treated with fairness. Licensee holders of Curacao e-

Gaming licensees must follow strict measures against anti-fraud practices. These measures safeguard player deposits and protect the licensee and industry at large from criminal activity.

Curacao e-Gaming has the responsibility of managing numerous online gambling services. Some of the gambling games they support include live gambling, video poker, lotteries, casino table games and sports betting among others. They also make available template casino websites an infrastructure solutions alongside cloud solutions and secure server space.

To attain a license and start operations, online gaming services must accept the terms of Curacao e-Gaming. These gaming services, once in agreement, must also to follow the rules and regulations as per the laws of the nation.

How it Rates for Player Protection

We consider Curacao e-Gaming to merit an 8/10

In comparison to other casinos regulatory authorities, Curacao e-Gaming rates an eight given due to its experience and their strict regulatory framework when it comes to issuing and monitoring of casino license holders.

How to identify a Curacao EGaming licensed casino site

Players can find details where a gambling website or online casino holds its casino licence most times at the bottom of the website in most, if not all, gaming websites. Here you will also find information about the kind of gaming software in use, and other significant details such as the primary methods of payment etc. If you are unable to see the logo of Curacao e-Gaming, check out the FAQ or About Us section for additional information.

To see the license holder details, select the icon for Curacao e-Gaming, and a new window will pop up with a list showing the casino’s trading address, trading name, license number, the official business name as well as the current license status.

One crucial thing to note is that an online casino which has a legitimate license from a reputable gambling jurisdiction will be displayed proudly by the website. If you are unable to find where a casino website is licensed, then it is possible because it does not have a proper license from a legitimate jurisdiction.

Can a casino with this license be trusted?

Curacao has been providing services for the gambling industry since the year 1996, and as a result, the jurisdiction is sufficiently experienced when it comes to modern technologies and changes to the casino landscape. Curacao e-Gaming has gained a name for itself as a responsible agency offering services and licensing to a few of the well-known brand names in

the online casino industry. Furthermore, It is one of the most politically stable environments for the provision of online gambling services.

Players who are planning to play at online casinos that have attained their licenses from jurisdictions like Curacao can be confident they are in safe hands.

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