AGCC – Alderney gambling commission is a well-known regulator in the gambling industry. It was founded in 2000 and located on the island in the English channel.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission

Starting an online casino is no small feat. First, you need to design your site, then get the games, advertise your casino, and, finally and most importantly, get a gambling license. If you’re planning to operate in the UK, or if you’re trying to expand into the UK, then you need a license from the UK Gambling Commission. However, if you want to proof your e-casino, then you ought to obtain a license from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission as well. Alderney is one of the most respected gambling commissions in Britain, and holding their license, next to UKGC’s will mark your casino as a world-class online establishment.

AGCC History

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission has been around for a while. They’ve been around for seventeen years, as they were founded in May 2000, and, since then, they continue to provide regulation services in the name of the States of Alderney. Originating from Alderney, an island off the coast of Normandy, the commission is not subject to the Crown, but it does enjoy its protection and operates within the boundaries of UK law and their Gambling Act. The commission makes sure they’re also non-political, and that their practices meet the highest possible international standards, which is the reason they’re so prestigious.

AGCC Jurisdiction

Alderney Gambling Control Commission is focused mainly on e-casinos and online gambling. They do not regulate brick-and-mortar casinos like it’s superior – the UKGC – does. Their jurisdiction is international, and any casino that wants to protect their brand, or is looking to ensure they’re crime-free, can apply to be regulated by the AGCC. As we said before, acquiring the AGCC license is very prestigious and a mark of casino’s excellence when conducting business.

Goals & Aims

When it comes to gambling regulation, the AGCC has several purposes. These goals are often interchangeable and overlapping, as they form a foundation for proper gambling and proper conducting of business and gambling operations.

Firstly, the goal of the AGCC is to make sure the casino is fair. This extends to all aspects of the casino, from the games they offer, and software companies from which they got their games, over deposit and withdrawal methods to customer support. A good e-casino must satisfy and will satisfy, all the international standards in these respective categories if they are to acquire an AGCC license. The AGCC makes sure that the games’ RNG isn’t fixed, and that the payout is fair and favorable to the player. When it comes to banking options, the AGCC makes sure they’re plenty of them, and that the transfers happen in a timely fashion. They also make sure that the casino sets reasonable limits on withdrawals sums, as many casinos set very low limits to keep the interest for themselves. Lastly, the Commission makes sure the casino answers the customers again in a timely fashion, and that the customer support staff is well-educated and professional.

The second goal of the AGCC is to ensure that a casino is crime-free. His covers not only the inner workings of the casino but also protection from outside threats. One of the defining features of a world-class casino is proper channel encryption. Having secure channel encryption means that cyber-thieves will have a much harder time getting to player’s information, or will be prevented entirely. Secondly, the AGCC ensures the players that the casino itself won’t deceive them. The commission has its investigation division and is working with several other companies and offices to prevent cases of fraud. This also ties to banking options, and the Commission forces the casino to be open, transparent and up-front about how they handle transactions, how long does it take for a transaction to be complete, and how much can a player withdraw and deposit at any one time.

Lastly, the AGCC is also concerned with the effect gambling has on the players. As gambling is a highly addictive activity, the Commission makes sure the casinos warn their players of the effects of excessive gambling. Not only that, but the commission urges the casinos to tell the players to seek immediate help in case they’ve become addicted or know somebody who’s become addicted to gambling.

The AGCC serves and protects both the players and the casino itself. It ensures the casino is fair to the players, and that the players aren’t abusing the casino. The Commission is very strict about and requires the casinos to fully commit to conducting business in the manner of the most excellent casinos in the world.


With that, we wrap up our little review of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. As we said, the commission has been with us for quite some time, and they have the know-how and the means to keep a close eye on online gambling establishments. They are a prestigious group, and receiving a license from them is no easy task, but those casinos that do pass their rigorous tests can rest assured that their interests are fully protected, and can hope to enjoy the great trust of their players.

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